Brenna Jennings
Writer, Photographer

A professionally trained photographer and versatile writer, I take all of my work seriously—even the funny stuff. My goal is always to meet my clients' needs and make the process flow smoothly with the best possible outcomes.

When you meet with me, my first objective is to make you feel comfortable and cared for. During a photo shoot, your kids may want to run and your baby may need to nurse. I've gotten beautiful photos of uncomfortable husbands, exhausted new moms, and sleepy infants. I've wrangled kids who just want to wrestle, I use professional tactics I've learned over the years, I am a master of silly noises and goofy faces (and the occasional potty joke). I hope you'll be at ease with me, and I strive to deliver a beautiful product to you.

Are we writing together? Let's talk about your audience, and the tone you hope to convey. Tell me about what's important to you and you know is important to them. I'll help you find the best voice and language for the job, I'll hear your ideas and help shape your message.

Thank you for your interest in my work, drop me a line and let's get started.

Brenna Jennings